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Splashdown Quaywest will re-open May 2024! Note our website is currently undergoing updates and not all information is current.


Below are some of our most common frequently asked questions about a visit to Splashdown Quaywest waterpark


Should I buy my entry tickets in advance to the waterpark?


We have a fantastic online booking system which allows you to easily book your visit in advance. Planning ahead is very important this summer due to expected high demand.  The waterpark capacities are markedly changed from the pre-pandemic period as slot times, variable ticket durations, longer opening times and reduced visitor numbers etc have all added up to a much-improved visitor experience. These and online in advance booking will be here to stay.  You should still understand that there can be several hundred people in the waterpark at any one time and there will be queues for slides when the waterpark is at capacity.  We monitor this carefully.

When booking tickets, if you create an account, you will be able to log in and change the date/arrival time of your admissions up to 120 hours in advance of the day booked. 

What is the busiest time of day?

The waterpark is usually much quieter as we open and after 3.30 pm. You may wish to book an early 2 hour session available in the first hour of opening as we anticipate the 9am - 10am slots to be much quieter and likewise at 4pm. In school holidays we expect demand to exceed supply of tickets and in previous summers we've seen multiple days selling out in advance. We recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance. 

What age can the children go into the water by themselves?

The minimum age that a child can go into the waterpark unaccompanied is 12 years old. You should be aware that it is possible to exit our facilities and get straight onto the beach; you must satisfy yourselves that your children are old enough to be responsible and understand where they should be. We cannot take any responsibility for unsupervised young people.

As long as there is an adult (18+) on the waterpark premises who is directly responsible for them, children of that party aged 9-11 may use the slides at the waterpark as long as they accompanied by at least one other slider aged 9 or above around the waterpark. 

Children Under 9 must be supervised everywhere in the waterpark including on the slides by an adult (18+) as the supervising adult you should not be directly supervising more than two children 5-8 at one time

Children Under 5 must be supervised on a 1:1 basis everywhere in the waterpark at all times. 

Are my admission tickets refundable? 

Tickets purchased are non refundable as they are taken from an allocation which has a maximum and their purchase will prevent them from being purchased and used by other customers wishing to visit.

At the management's discretion, with a minimum of 24 hours notice, emailed requests to alter the date and time of the visit will be considered. We cannot guarantee to comply with this request. Outside of this tickets will be forfeit.

There are special considerations regarding postponement for COVID 19.  You should email requesting a postponement of your ticket due to a positive test. Failure to do this within 2 hours of the ticket start time will result in your tickets being forfeit and no refund or postponement will be available for you.

Do you offer any discounts on standard admissions?

No, sorry we do not have any discounts on standard admissions. 

Can I just come in and watch?

We now have a 'spectator' admission. A small allocation of these admissions is available for those who don't wish to go in the water. These admissions can only be purchased online and are charged at £10 per person.  They are highly limited each day and you should make sure that you secure your spectator ticket.  We will not be admitting anyone who has not first booked their spectator ticket if our spectator limit has been reached. 

Ts & Cs Anyone found to be abusing this spectator admission will be asked to leave the park immediately with their whole party. In this instance, we reserve the right not to issue refunds to any member of the group. 

Can I book over the phone?

Standard admissions can't be booked via the phone, only on our website  We have no on the door tickets you will be directed to book online if you do not have a ticket, they may not be available at that time - we strongly recommend that you book in advance. We still need to manage the number of visitors in the waterpark and will have a smaller number of tickets available than previously.  Advanced online booking allows us to understand much better and manage the flow of visitors through our changing village and into the waterpark.


Is there anything for younger children to do apart from the slides?

We recommend that families with small children visit during the quieter periods of the day at peak times, like school holidays i.e. first thing in the morning or later on towards the end of the day, or during off-peak seasons – this will ensure your maximum enjoyment. For more information please see our VISITING WITH UNDER 7s page.

New for 2024! Shipwreck Island, our 7 flume aquaplay arena. Please see a dedicated set of FAQ's below. 

Can we use our own tyres?

Adequate tyres are put out each day for the volume of visitors and for queue management purposes however, yes,  you may bring your own tyres into the waterpark if they have handles and are 42 inches (107 cms)  or bigger. However, please only use tyres on rides marked as a tyre ride and not in the pools or mat slides.

What changing facilities do you have?

We have a unisex changing village with individual private cubicles. We also have a selection of larger changing cubicles, perfect for families with younger children. Some have baby changing stations.

Do you have lockers and how much are they?

Yes,there are lockers in our changing rooms, they require a 20p coin. The lockers are non-refundable. 

Do you have a swimming pool?

Yes, we do have a swimming pool area at Splashdown Quaywest.

Can I bring my own food?

No, we do not permit picnicking at Splashdown Quaywest but we do offer a wide variety of food and drink options onsite. All food and drink consumed at Splashdown must be purchased on the premises. You will be asked to put your own food and drink away.  You can purchase a meal deal with your waterpark ticket. This is a great value option.  If you add it at the same time to the purchase of your online ticket it will always be the cheapest available price.

Can I use my camera in the waterpark?

No, the use of any equipment capable of recording still or moving images is strictly prohibited without prior permission of Centre Management and is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

Is smoking allowed onsite?

No, the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited on the premises.


How tall do I need to be to use the rides?

Visitors must be at least 1m tall to ride the flumes at Splashdown Quaywest

Do your slides have a weight limit?

No, but we do offer advice on the slides based on the individuals BMI. If an individuals BMI exceeds 30 we recommend that they talk to one of our duty managers before purchasing tickets to the waterpark. A BMI of 30 or more may make the individual more susceptible to injury and compromise the rescue procedures outlined in our emergency action plan. 

Mesasure your BMI using the NHS Healthy Weights calculator

If I am pregnant or have health problems can I ride the flumes?

Our rides are not suitable for visitors who are pregnant, recovering from recent surgery, injury or suffer from heart, back or neck problems, recurrent or pre-existing condtions. Visitors who have recently suffered from sickness and diarrhoea symptoms should wait 48 hours since their last episode before visiting the waterpark. WE REQUEST THAT YOU DO NOT ATTEND THE WATERPARK IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF CORONAVIRUS.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Ideally yes, we strongly recommend that visitors using the rides have an adequate swimming ability but you can still have fun and be safe if you feel that you are confident in the water. We have a variety of flumes with water depths ranging from 0.5m - 1.2m and advise you make sure that you check the water depth at exit of the slides before you ride.

We strongly recommend that weak swimmers do not use our flume rides. However, only you can decide how confident you are in your swimming ability in relation to the slide information provided, if in any doubt please speak to a member of the team.

Can younger children wear armbands?

Yes, if a child is not confident in the water then armbands are the best option. Please be advised armbands can't be worn on three of our rides at Splashdown Quaywest ask if you are in any doubt, but is the Devils' Drop, Wild Kamakaze and The Screamer slides.

What is your adult to child ratio? 

Children 12 and above may enter the waterpark unaccompanied at the risk of their parent /carer

Children 9-11 may use the slides at the waterpark where they have an adult in the waterpark and are accompanied by at least one other slider aged 9 or above around the waterpark

Children Under 9 must be supervised everywhere in the waterpark including the slides by an adult (18+) as the supervising adult you should not be directly supervising more than two children aged 5-8 at one time

Children Under 5 must be supervised on a 1:1 basis everywhere in the waterpark at all times

Can I wear glasses and jewellery?

No, both must be removed before entering the waterpark. Spectacles pose a safety risk to both you and other swimmers and loose-fitted piercings could also pose a risk to your own safety. We recommend that you leave jewellery at home.

What about goggles and t-shirts?

Goggles may be worn at the management's discretion. T-shirts can be worn on the flumes.

Can I wear a wet suit?

Yes, although the water is heated, sometimes it can be nippy on the top of the towers. You can wear your own wetsuit in the waterpark - or we do have some reasonably priced wetsuits that you can buy with your entry ticket. We hold a variety of sizes. See our ticketing website for more details. We also hold a selection of wetsuits for sale in our shop, we cannot guarantee we will have your size to purchase on any given day, unless reserved through the webshop.

What is viewed as unacceptable swimwear?

Cut off jeans and trousers, baggy shorts beyond knee length and transparent/inappropriate costumes are not permitted. We politely ask that visitors do not wear swimwear with zips, rivets or buttons as these may damage the flumes.

If you have specific dress requirements for religious reasons -  you may wish to speak to a Duty Manager. Any alternative attire must be appropriate for a water environment. Burkini etc are absolutely fine, as long as they are made of swim suitable materials.  T-shirts may be worn and shorts / leggings - see above. 

Aqua shoes should not be worn on the slides.

Please be advised white and luminous coloured swimwear does have a tendency to go transparent, management will ask those they feel to be dressed inappropriately to get changed. We also cannot guarantee the fastness of the colour of your swimwear, although we only use normal pool chemicals it may affect the colour. 

Can I buy swimwear onsite?

Yes, a range of swimming costumes, towels, armbands and swim nappies which can be purchased from our shop. If your child is not regularly asking for the loo, or has‘accidents’ please make sure you do not enter the water without them wearing a swim nappy


Can I still visit even if I have symptoms?

If you have Covid-19 or known symptoms you should NOT attend the waterpark. Anyone with symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea should not attend the waterpark until symptoms have been clear for 48 hours. 

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Face coverings are a matter of personal choice. It is not necessary to wear one in the waterpark or adjacent buildings.  

Are you still enforcing social distancing?

Social distancing is no longer a regulation. However, we have made a number of changes in the waterpark management and volume of visitors that should make this easier should you wish to make a bit more room for yourselves. Please respect anyone in front of you in the slide queues who has chosen to leave a reasonable gap in front of them. 

Will capacity be reduced during my visit?

A permanent change to how we manage our visitor numbers and building now means that the number of people in the waterpark at any one time is considerably less than our alllowed building capacity set by the council. This will remain to ensure a good experience for visitors. 

How have you prepared against Coronavirus?

Waterparks are safe places to visit normally, however, we have made some additional changes to ensure our hygiene is of the highest standard. Key touchpoints and communal areas will continue to be regularly sanitised.

We continue to keep up with developments and react appropriately to the continued presence of coronavirus. 


How do I get to Splashdown Quaywest?

We are located Brixham bound just off the Dartmouth Road (A379), displayed on brown attraction signposts marked Quaywest. Sat-navs should use the postcode TQ4 6LN. Not travelling by car? Check out our Find Us section.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes, there are several large Council pay and display car parks adjacent to the waterpark.