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Visiting With Under 7s


Screamer Tower is now open - all outside slides are OPEN -

Visiting Splashdown Waterpark with younger children!

Making the Most of Your Day is Important to us! 

The waterpark is staffed with trained staff and lifeguards who should all be able to assist you if you have any questions or help if you run into any difficulties.

Children must be at least 1m tall to ride the rides – 1.2m for Infinity. They need to be confident around water, though not necessarily strong swimmers; armbands may be worn. Exception to this is Infinity, it has a very deep water exit and is not recommended to anyone who is a weak swimmer.

There will be big, brave 4 year olds who are just fine and 7 year olds who aren’t really sure. Just because they are tall enough, they won’t all be bold enough, nobody knows your child better than you – the more adventurous types will love the thrill of the flumes, but some can be worried. Usually around age six the tall enough and brave enough come together and they will have the time of their lives. Remember for health and safety reasons there is NO lap riding and all our slides are single rides. Be sure to follow the slide instructions, all are feet first, absolutely no head first sliding. Younger ones will feel more confident with someone that they know going ahead and in behind them, so do try to bring two adults or at least an older more independent child in your party. Failing that, send your child down ahead of you, being sure to give them time to slide down, they can be slower than usual and encourage them to exit immediately. Some slides have shallow water exits which may be better to try first whilst they get used to the whole idea, try Red River Roller, is a good first slide experience. Check out the main splash area, so you and they can see what happens when you come out of the slides. In the Mississippi Drifter it is possible to get separated, it isn’t a lazy river ride and though enormous fun, it can be a little daunting for littlies, especially when busy. Don’t panic if you end up without your tyre but do get them back on if you can. It is max 1.2m deep, but there are lifeguard positions at the top and mid-way if assistance is required. All our staff are uniformed, so make sure they know to speak to a person in uniform if you become separated, it can happen and is best to be prepared.

We also have areas specifically for smaller children and they may find that more to their liking. Toddlers will love swimming in Ricky’s Reef (just off the changing area) and Buccaneers’ SplashZone is a watery, interactive playground for under 8s – it’s upstairs so don’t miss it!

Please note, our adult to child ratios are as follows:    

Children 12 and above may enter the waterpark unaccompanied at the risk of their parent /carer

Children 9-11 may use the slides at the waterpark where they have an adult in the spectator area and are accompanied by at least one other slider aged 9 or above around the waterpark

Children Under 9 must be supervised everywhere in the waterpark including the slides by an adult (18+) as the supervising adult you should not be directly supervising more than two children 5-8 at one time

Children Under 5 must be supervised on a 1:1 basis everywhere in the waterpark at all times

The waterpark will be busy during the holiday seasons, and especially so on wet days and some children (and adults!) can find this a bit overwhelming. It’s quieter just as we open, which can be better for all concerned. Peak visit times are between 11am and 4pm.


Check our OPENING HOURS to ensure that we will be open on your preferred date and to check if you're date is either Peak or Off-Peak.


Tumble on tyres and twist through the tubes! Check out our 13 slides (some seasonal) before your party; each with a varying degree of difficulty.


Check out our FAQs page for everything you need to know when planning your visit to Splashdown Waterpark Poole.