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New for 2016, Wave 105's Infinity!


Screamer Tower is now open - all outside slides are OPEN -

Splashdown Poole Open Infinity

Winter sees a new ride installed, sponsored by local radio station Wave105

Splashdown Poole launch Infinity - sponsored by Wave105. An evolution of the waterpark's existing ride, The Spacebowl, Infinity's combination of music and lighting will be the first of it's kind in the UK. Designed by Phillip Keitch of Intech Ltd, Infinity will see riders slide into a disco, spinning right round to tracks from the music genre of their choice whilst observing a spectactular new lighting display inside the bowl!

80's, pop, pot luck - you could be sliding around the bowl to anything from Frozen to Summer of 69 to The Wurzels the choice is yours!

Infinity is just one of many improvements behind the scenes at Splashdown this winter. With the evolution of this and Ricky's Reef; an underwater expereince for under 7's, bringing the sites former toddler pool to life with a brand new 3D effect reef liner, it's set to be a fantastic 2016 for flume fans. 

"Wave 105 is delighted to be the name behind the new Infinity ride at Splashdown - it's such a great synergy. The excitement of the new feature, combined with a music soundtrack of choice, really makes for a memorable ride. And Wave105 is proud to be part of that experience, which will be enjoyed by thousands of all ages in the months to come."

Jon Brooks, Wave 105's Commercial Director