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Back With A Splash! 

Reopening for February Half-Term!

After a winter of significant repair to the front of the roof at Splashdown we are delighted to be able to say that we will be open for February half-term.  Due to supplier delays and a period of prolonged cold weather, which restricted some work, we have needed to wait until now to confirm that we would be open.  We really didn’t want to disappoint anyone by saying we might be open or selling tickets and then needing to refund them.

To confirm that we will be open from 11th February to 20th February inclusive and tickets will be put on sale.  We are open lots of hours over the half-term and we are still maintaining the reduced number of maximum admissions available to ensure the much-improved visitor experience that has been evident since the changes that were made to reflect the requirements during the covid period.

To be honest and clear to our visitors – whilst we are operational and all safety aspects are in place, we aren’t looking our best and the front of the building still has some scaffolding, a little internally and the interactive SplashZone, Buccaneer Splash, for younger visitors, will REMAIN CLOSED until the final adjustments to the roof can be made after half-term.  As a result, we will be reducing the price of tickets by £2.00 per head. Additionally, as the toddler pool (Ricky's Reef) is the only facility open for younger visitors, the under 5 ticket will be reduced to £3.00. Spectator tickets are reduced by £0.50.  Also, to remember that we are only ever open for inside slides at this time of year.

We’re sorry that things aren’t perfect, but we have had so many people asking about us being open over half-term, we really didn’t want to let people down, if there was a way that we could be operational.  After a lot of hard work by our team and the landlord’s contractor, we have come to a point where there was no real reason that we couldn’t be open other than we weren’t looking totally up together.