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Please note Splashdown is now shut for Winter due to essential maintenance carried out by our landlords, please see tickets and opening times page and news for more.

It is with regret, that for at least Summer 2020, group visits and birthday parties will not be offered at Splashdown Poole to help us maintain social distancing within the waterpark. 


We are sorry but we need to make these changes to keep our operation as straightforward as possible at the moment.  We already have a review date of 7th September for this and as soon as possible, we will look at reinstating groups and birthday parties to Splashdown Poole.  You are, of course, welcome to book multiple tickets our website but there are no group discounts at the moment.  Please remember that you must remain in your social group in the waterpark, for each social distancing space there must be a minimum of 2 but a maximum of  4.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us on Facebook or


How do I book a group visit?

We recommend that you book your trip online. Our online booking process is easy and will gurantee your booking in minutes. If you have a question that we haven't covered in our Group Hub, call us on 01202 711570 or email

How can we pay for a group visit?

Your balance can be settled on the day by cash, cheque or debit/credit card. Invoicing can also be arranged in advance.

How many teachers / leaders can attend?

Schools can bring as many teachers as they need. 1 Group Leader will be admitted FREE for every 20 full-paying admissions. If your group includes children under the age of 9, then our standard 'Admissions Policy' will apply to your booking.

What are the medical provisions on-site with qualified staff?

We have a fully equipped First Aid room on-site and fully qualified staff. Please report any accidents to a lifeguard or our café team immediately.

Do any of the rides have flashing lights?

A few of our rides do have light effects. This information can be found in the park maps and on the safety signage at the entrance to the rides.

What are the height restricitions for the rides?

Visitors must be at least 1m tall to ride the flumes and 1.2m to ride Infinity.

Are all the rides inspected on a daily basis?

All rides undergo daily flume checks in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidance. Rides also undergo a comprehensive winter check to ensure they are safe for the following season.

Do all members of the group need to be able to swim?

Ideally yes, we strongly recommend that visitors using the flumes have an adequate swimming ability but you can still have fun and be safe if you feel that you are confident in the water. We have a variety of flumes with water depths ranging from 0.5m - 2m.

We strongly recommend that weak swimmers do not ride Infinity as it has a 2m deep exit tank and make sure that you check the water depth at exit of any other slide before you ride. Black Thunder, Colorado Coaster, Baron’s Revenge all have deeper water exits and Mississippi Drifter is just over 1m deep throughout.

All other slides empty in to shallow catch trays and are more suited to those who are less confident. Red River Roller is a good flume to start with. However, only you can decide how confident you are in your swimming ability in relation to the slide information provided, if in any doubt please speak to a member of the team.


Can we arrive by coach or minibus?

Tower Park is accessible for Coaches - the Coach Drop Off Point is situated outside PureGym. At peak times the site can become rather busy so early arrival is always advised. 

What changing facilities do you have?

We offer a unisex changing village with individual private cubicles. We do also have a selection of larger family changing cubicles, some with changing tables for babies. 

Is there a lunch room for schools to hire?

There are no lunch rooms available but there are several seating areas around the park which may be suitable but we do not reserve.

A range of sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, pasties and sausage rolls and serve Lavazza coffee and plenty of chilled drinks in our café. All food and drink consumed at Splashdown must be purchased on the premises. You will be asked to put your own food and drink away.

What is viewed as acceptable swimwear?

Cut off jeans and trousers, baggy shorts beyond knee length and transparent/inappropriate costumes are not permitted and we ask that you do not wear swimwear with zips or buttons as these may damage the flumes. Please be aware that bikini tops can be dislodged.

We prefer that visitors do not wear t-shirts as it can slow them up on the flumes. However, in certain circumstances discretion by the Duty Manager may be given, and should visitors ask about wearing a T-Shirt when entering, they will be given a disclaimer to sign. 

If a member of your group has specific dress requirements for religious reasons - speak to a Duty Manager.

Please be advised white and luminous coloured swimwear does have a tendancy to go transparent, management will ask those they feel to be dressed innapropriately to get changed. We also cannot guarentee the fastness of the colour of your swimwear, although we use normal pool chemicals it may affect the colour. 

Where do we go on arrival?

On arrival, Group Leaders should enter the waterpark through the door marked 'Group & Party Leaders' and register with our Reception Team. We politely ask that your group wait outside whilst we distribute the Smart Wristbands to ensure an efficient entry process.

Do you have lockers and how much are they?

Yes, there are sufficient lockers in our changing rooms. These are operated with a £1 coin, returned on the re-opening of the locker.

Are there any shaded areas during the Summer months?

Unfortunately we do not have any shaded areas outside.

Can group members wear glasses in the waterpark?

Unfortunately we don’t allow visitors to wear glasses on the flumes as they can cause damage if sliders collide and can be easily lost. Prescription goggles are allowed if a disclaimer has been signed. 

Can group members wear piercings and jewellery in the waterpark?

Noboth must be removed before entering the waterpark.  We recommend that your group leave jewellery and any loose piercings at home.

Can group members use swim aids in the waterpark?

While we suggest you don’t wear goggles, as it can worsen impact injuries, should a visitor ask about wearing goggles when entering, they will be given a disclaimer to sign. A child may wear armbands if they are not as confident in the water. 

Where is your Emergency Meeting Point?

In case of an evacuation our Emergency Meeting Point is at Tesco Bus Stop, adjacent to the roundabout and Tesco petrol station.


How do I report lost property?

Please report any item lost on the day to our Reception Team, or following your visit contact them on 01202 716123 or email


We hope that you may find the following documents of assistance when planning your group visit to Splashdown Poole.



Check our OPENING HOURS to ensure that we will be open on your preferred date and to check if you're date is either Peak or Off-Peak.


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Please note Splashdown is now shut for Winter due to essential maintenance carried out by our landlords, please see tickets and opening times page and news for more.