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Hedgehog Surprises Lifeguards First Thing in the Morning

It wasn't a usual Monday Morning!

It's safe to say the first rescue of the morning wasn't like any other, Monday mornings flume checks presented a slightly prickly problem. This little fella was found trying to climb one of the parks steeper rides, with little success.

We think the hedgehog must have fallen into the catch tray whilst walking along the park overnight. The little creature has since been relocated to a nearby hedgerow along with a bowl of fresh water. After doing some research we were shocked to find out that hedgehog number have fallen from 30million in the UK to 1 million in ___ years

I'm not really an animal person, but it was quite small so I got a pair of gloves from the first aid station and managed to pick it up.

Emily Daniels, Splashdown Quaywest lifeguard

It was lucky Emily spotted the animal, as it could have been painful for someone coming down the flume - and it wouldn't have done the hedgehog much good. This little fella thought he'd have the first slide of the day!

Jon Lees, Splashdown Quaywest's Operations Manager