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Ducks Away! Quacking Job Chaps!


Splashdown Quaywest will re-open May 2024! Note our website is currently undergoing updates and not all information is current.

Ducks Away! Quacking Job Chaps!

Operations Manager, Jon Lees and his team of lifeguards had a shock when they went to open the waterpark this morning as they found a rather confused duck and her tiny ducklings. Operations Manager Jon Lees said: Upon arrival it was apparent the mother duck didn’t really know where she was and far from a quiet trip to the local pond had led her ducklings into the compound next to the waterpark. If they were after some water they came to the right place!”

In true lifeguard fashion a rescue plan was implemented and Jon and the team ushered the family out of the compound, waddled along in front of the amusements, got up a quacking pace through the car park and finally into Young’s Park and splashed down on to the pond. The cute little fluff balls took to it like ducks to water. “They were really little so I think was their first dip. Today is set to be one of the hottest days of the 2017 season so far here at Splashdown Quaywest and we were glad to have got them back to a safe place before Goodrington Sands got too busy and before it was too hot!” continued Jon.

Wildlife rescue over operations at the waterpark are back to normal, the site has been checked and it doesn’t look like there is any nests or any other rogue ducks who could battle the public for their right to flume down the slides at Splashdown Quaywest today.