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'Summer Anthems' category lands in Infinity


As at the latest Govt. announcement on 23/6 we have been specifically told we cannot open. We hope it won't be too long.Watch out for updates to our website and social media.

New for the holidays 'Summer Anthems' on Infinity

'Summer Anthems' category introduced to Infinity soundtrack

Come spin right round like a record this summer on Wave 105's Infinity at Splashdown Poole whilst listening to some of the top summer anthems. Exclusively for the summer we have pulled together some iconic tunes from the last few years to replace the 'Pot Luck' category, rest assured 'Pot Luck' will make an apperance again after summer.

This isn't the only change to Infinity we have updated the songs in the other genre's, keeping some of the favourites, but giving the soundtrack a new lease of life! There's plently planned for Infinity for the rest of this year - so stay tuned for the latest.