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Price Increases In Splashdown


Screamer Tower is now open - all outside slides are OPEN -

Price Increases in Lemur Attractions Group

Why we are asking you to pay more to come to our attractions.

Our prices have increased across our attractions, unfortunately this is necessary for us if we are to continue to provide the level of service you expect in our businesses.

Over the past 18 months, the Government has increased wage and pension costs by an average of 11.68%, which has impacted indirectly on our internal rates of pay. On top of this we have had an increase in our energy costs, and the introduction of the sugar tax, in addition to the significant increase in raw material costs, due to the disruption caused by Brexit, all these have combined to have a significant increase in our cost base.

Many of our menu prices have not increased for 3 years, and we hope you understand that a small increase is necessary to ensure we are able to operate at a level you would expect from us.

We are a relatively small, local, family business; no big corporate funds, no Council or government subsidies, just hard work to fall back on.  To have a successful and sustainable business which allows us to continually reinvest in the attractions we must generate enough income, to do this we must charge realistic prices.  Out of your admission price we hand over 20% VAT straight to the Government, unlike many of our competitors who are charitable organisations or a sporting trust.

We recognise that it isn’t a cheap day out for our visiting families; we never take your visit for granted, but we would also like our customers to understand that providing facilities of this size and standard isn’t cheap either.  Our aim is to offer excellent value for money; a sector leading, safe, entertaining environment and most of all a place where you can all take part in a healthy activity and have a completely awesome amount of fun.

Don’t forget you can save money on the cost of your visits by joining our membership scheme.

Our team work very hard to give you a great day out, we can’t thank them enough. We hope you enjoy your days with us.


Alan and Jackie Richmond – Owners